Monday, September 3, 2012

Large Project Mentality

As a software developer, most of the time that I spend working on projects is spent on projects that take months to years to completed. When a project of this size is completed, it leaves me with a great feeling of stisfaction. However, it can be tough when you're bogged down in the middle of such a large project with completion far out on the horizon.

At such a time, it's really nice to take a break with a one day mini project. Not only does such a project reward a person with the satisfaction of a job successfully completed, but it can also provide a much needed change of pace. While a bug fix on a legacy system can serve the purpose, I find it refreshing to do a small project with my hands, such as a carpentry project. Combining the reward of completion with exposure to a different discipline can even serve to boost one's creativity for other projects being worked.

Interestingly, I found out via discussion that some people rarely, if ever, tackle a lengthy project. My wife works in a field where the end product is generally produced in minutes or hours at the most. She will even admit that she has had a tough time completing lengthy projects outside of work, whereas I am constantly taking them on. It makes me wonder if working in a field that deals with lengthy projects makes a person predisposed toward tackling long projects in their spare time.

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